1. Project scope


The project is aiming to produce a Mechatronic Intelligent System for human protection during securing Objectives and interventions in risk areas (MISO) that can be controlled using encrypted IOT (Internet of Things) channels and 3D spatial view. The project arises from the need of increasing the national and international activities focusing the preventions and annihilation of the terrorist and other dangerous actions and maintaining the security of specialized personnel implied in these areas. The robot is designed to operate in hard risk and dangerous situations where human intervention put life in danger [1]. The robot can be operated thru 3D real time image (HD), it can scan for life presence in infrared spectre, it can manipulate objects and make delicate interventions on dangerous equipment’s like bombs, explosive charges, it can transmit no only images but also sounds (Hi-Fi) from its surroundings and have a long-range action capability.

The interface with the operator is made thru real time 3D images that allows the operator to see 3D information and execute complex and precise movements. The robot has a fully controlled arm with 4 motions degree and special adapted grip system fully controlled, with high precision movement capabilities and with interchangeable possibilities according to the necessary type of intervention [3]. The stereo vision assured for the operator will give the possibilities to operate with extremely precision in any dangerous conditions, including defusing of artisanal bombs. The robot will also be able to trace life in infrared spectre, despite the fact that the target is, or isn’t, moving. It will also able to transmit not only stereo real-time images but also high-fidelity sounds, so the operator will have a more complex set of data of the surroundings, controlled by MISO assuring a complex virtual presence of the operator on site as precise as possible moreover like a real person is placed instead of a robot.

Despite the fact that is a laboratory demonstrator, the robot MISO will be tested in final tests in simulated real on-site situations possible to be made. So it is possible to simulate some of the real situations with 90% accuracy for: discovering and defusing a bomb placed between various harmless packages at a given secured distance for the operator, Discover and Moving the explosive package to a secure place for detonation, Night patrol on a given path with life movement discovery and recognition, Recognition mission in a building presumed occupied by terrorists including stairs climbing and multilevel building, Missions for targeting objectives by placing GPS localization on target position (day and night mission) and placement of a remote explosive charge on a specific on a closed access objective.