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The progress of the humankind has always been linked to the discoveries and the innovations of a few remarkable persons, gifted with special abilities. Nowadays, in the complex society we live in, the so-called "knowledge-based society", the research effort is carefully planned by internal and international institution and is developing fast, assuring an accelerated deployment of the scientific results all over the world. In spite of all this, the current unparalleled scientific development has triggered a high degree of competition but also a great need for collaborations. These elements also affect the way INCDMTM operates.

In our country, INCDMTM is the first and the single national institute acting in the field of mechatronics, a recent scientific area, highly specialized and, at the same time, interdisciplinary. This is why, as a pioneer and a strategic planner, INCDMTM is in charge of a large palette of activities that are meant to ensure the development of this new science, but also to stimulate the social progress.

INCDMTM activity follows three guidelines:

  • Research-Development-Innovation:
    • the development of mechatronic non-electric measure intelligent measuring equipments and devices, especially sensors and transducers;
    • intelligent laboratory devices development (for scientific research): geo-physical and seismologic monitoring devices;
    • medical and bio-medical device development, especially in the field of protetics, medial imaging, dental implantology and orthopedics
    • robotic and micro-robotic applications realization: piro-technical and remote controlled robots;
    • high productivity tools, with hard and ultra-hard tools;
    • new materials development, basic and un-conventional technologies, mechatronic stands and equipments;
    • actions specific for the technological transfer process:
      • sector strategies, market studies, feasibility studies, diagnosis and prognosis studies, technical and scientific synthesis;
      • researches on the evolution of the domain at the international scale;
      • collaboration in the elaboration of the national standards and the norms applicable in the field, in order to align to the international standards;
      • participating and organizing exhibitions and field events both in Romania, as well as worldwide;
      • editing and supervising mechatronic publications.
  • Quality management:
    • the development of quality engineering researches;
    • quality control and management systems development;
    • offering consulting for implementing quality management in industrial units;
    • generating testing and laboratory investigating technologies and procedures;
    • elaborating techniques and methods for stimulating competition and product feasibility.
  • Interfacing activities:
    • experimental model and prototype realization
    • service and assistance for products in the field, inclusively non-INCDMTM products
    • dedicated software development, data acquisition and analysis tools development, database implementation;
    • training activities for R&D INCDMTM personnel, including mid-level studies employees, post-graduate courses and doctorate coordination in the fields of fine mechanics and mechatronics;
    • technical assistance and consulting at request;
    • product and technology certificate emission and quality report award.

Other information on INCDMTM

  • INCDMTM is a Romanian juridical person located in Bucharest, 6-8 Pantelimon Road, and placed under the Economy and Finances Ministry coordination, as well as on the scientific control on the Education and Research Ministry
  • The Institute works on an economic management and financial autonomy basis, calculates amortisments and conducts the account evidence according to legal requests and Government Degree 57/2002 on scientific research and technological development, approved and modified by the Law 324/2002 (extract from the Government Decision 21/2006).

» INCDMTM has:

  • 5 accredited laboratories on the following profiles :
    • pressures, temperatures;
    • non-automatic weighting devices;
    • all-uses pneumatic portable devices;
    • dimensional control;
    • medical devices and implants;
  • 3 points for links with the industry;
    • The Office for Links with the Industry
    • The Technological Transfer and Consultancy Rely Center
    • The Inter-regional Chisinau-Iasi-Cucharest Innovation and Technological Transfer Center
  • The Institute has a computer network made up of more than 140 PCs connected to the Internet and a dedicated e-mail system;
  • INCDMTM takes part constantly in the inventions and new technologies saloons in Geneva and Bruxelles. ICDMTM research results presented at the Romanian stand are regularly awarded prizes; only over the last 5 years, INCDMTM exponents have gained 10 golden medals, 4 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.
  • The Institute edits half-yearly the "Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics and Mecatronics" magazine - ISSN 1584-5982, and has an active partnership with the magazine edited by the "Romanian Automation and Instrumentation Association". Every year, several books in the field are edited at CEFIN printing house
  • INCDMTM has a rich library consisting of approximately 200 titles and publications.

   Brief history of the company    

In its first phase, INCDMTM was established in February 1971 and was called CCPMFS-CIMF. Its activity field included designing, realizing and optimizing measuring and control devices, respectively tool cutting tools. At that stage, the Institute had 120 employees and a very modern model workshop. Shortly after opening the unit in Bucharest, two subsidiaries of the Institute were built: one in Sibiu and other in Rasnov

The 80s brought a development period for the Institute, as it continued its expansion and its re-engineering so that it could serve virtually any industrial sector. This was possible especially due to the high productivity technological transfer that was considered a priority at the time. It was now that the subsidiaries in Blaj and in Focsani were open.

The period that followed the Romanian Revolution (1989) and the beginning of the 1990s represented the critical point in the further development of the Institute. Because of the economic decline and the political instability, extreme measures had to be performed: severe personnel reductions (including valuable researchers), the closing of the subsidiaries and the separation of the production unit from the Institute and its closing shortly after (in 1996).

After this black period, 1996 brought a re-organization of the institute that resulted in INCDMTM (its present form) and its accreditation by the Ministry of Research and Youth.

1999 is emblematic for the evolution of the Institute. This corresponds to winning a new series of competitions coordinated by the Ministry of Research and Youth (such as CALIST and RELANSIN) and, consequently, attracting subventions that have impelled the development of INCDMTM.

From 2000, a return to stability seemed to loom. It was then that the bases of a new developing program were placed, in order to adapt the technical and the scientific potential to the new demands imposed by the actual trends. This aimed at maintaining a constant number of 180 employees, re-building and endowing appropriately the model and prototype workshop, re-organizing the R&D laboratories and certifying the testing laboratories. Fortunately, all these objectives were to be accomplished. Consequently, a series of traditional clients (SC Dacia Renault Pitesti, SC Hesper SA etc) were to be re-gained. More, INCDMTM took part in all PNCDI competitions and in all "Nucleu" and "Sectorial" Programs. It was then that The "Thermo-technical Measure Technical Measure" Excellence Center, The "Ultra-hard Materials Logistics and Transfer" Excellence Center and The "Inter-regional Chisinau-Iasi-Bucharest Innovation and Technological Transfer Center" were established.

Now, The Institute has about 180 employees and its operational structure is made up of 10 R&D laboratories, 2 Excellence Centers as well as 3 transfer centers.