Direct beneficiaries

• Researchers at Bucharest INCDMTM working in the research center or using facilities of the new modernized center. Project financing will help to increase the capacity and performance of INCDMTM in international cooperation in CD.

• Staff to be employed in the CERMISO after creating / upgrading it; Their number increases as it develops new projects

• Young graduates and PhD (inside or outside the institute) will acquire highly qualified working in the creative center, including potential interested researchers from EU

• educational institutes and research and development in the country and abroad

• The industrial sector in general and in particular SMEs in the cluster MECANITREC (with which we have partnership agreements and cooperation in the project) manufacturers in aeronautics that are collaborative (airplanes helicopters), the research units of aerospace with which we are collaborating in projects in collaboration by pooling our knowledge in the field of mechatronic systems, systems for measuring distance with laser, command and automatic operation, implementation of dedicated software and stands for testing, monitoring flight, reception and automatic data transmission, artificial intelligence in making the decision based on the data collected.

Indirect beneficiaries

• International organizations: by developing competitive projects, collaborations with various entities in the EU, participating as a partner in European projects (ie, Horizon 2020), Romanian research will help develop the European Research Area and will help to create an economy based on knowledge in Europe

• The research community in Romania in the fields of intelligent systems to secure objective and automatic intervention in that it can call anytime to trained personnel of INCDMTM for the development of new projects

• Citizens have access to equipment and applications, performance products for the consumer goods and hobby.

• Industry

- Manufacturers of machinery that applies spatial outcomes (IAR Ghimbav, aircraft Craiova ( Metris Belgium, Aerostar Bacau, Turbomecanica Services SA)

- Auto Manufacturers (SC Automobile Dacia-Renault Pitesti, SC Ford Craiova, Romania)

- Manufacturers of parts and subassemblies for aerospace (Aerofina Bucharest Romania, COUSSO Nogaro France)

- Users of air traffic monitoring systems, land and displacement orientation in space by Laser routing (IAMC Otopeni).

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