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The procedures for assessment of scientific papers for inclusion in Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics and Mecatronics

The papers / scientific articles meant for publication in Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics and Mecatronics by local and foreign authors in the field, are subject to the assessment procedure which consists in analyzing the scientific content, novelty character and quality of papers, as well as scientific responsibility of the authors, as follows:

  1. A sub-collective assessment consists of the groups of scientific works / articles, depending on the subject;
  2. Subcommittees are summoned based on a development program for performing assessment work of scientific papers;
  3. Papers / articles are alocated to evaluation committees is a special registry which registers the allocation of papers / articles;
  4. Reviews of the subcommittees are centralized, thus obtaining the required consent for the publication of papers / scientific articles upon review;
  5. The papers / scientific articles that have not been approved by the review subcommittees remain in the database for publication and authors receive a notification;
  6. For the papers / scientific articles that have already received consent for publication based on the review of the subcommittees, authors receive a notification to comply to specific observations and are asked to complete the work, and afterwards, final papers are published.
  7. Review Subcommittees are made of representatives of the Review College of Romanian Review Precision Mechanics Reviews, Optics and Mecatronics.