The project’s aim is to design and execute a Mechatronic Intelligent System for human protection during securing Objectives and interventions in risk areas (MISO) that can be controlled using encrypted IOT (Internet of Things) channels and 3D spatial view. The project proposal arose from the need of increasing the number of national and international activities focusing on the prevention and annihilation of the terrorist and other dangerous actions and maintaining a high security environment for specialized personnel working in these areas. The MISO robot is designed to operate in high risk and dangerous situations where human intervention is not viable. The robot can be operated through 3D real time imaging (HD), it can scan for life signs in the infrared spectrum, it can manipulate objects and make delicate interventions on dangerous equipment like bombs and explosive charges. It can not only transmit HD images but also Hi-Fi sound from its surroundings and has long-range remote capability.

The operator can remotely control the MISO robot enabling it to execute complex and precise actions and movements through the virtual reality headset and associated controls as seen from the robot’s perspective. The robot is equipped with an articulated gripper arm with 5 degrees of freedom, with high precision movement capabilities and interchangeable tools according to the field requirements. The stereo vision system assures spatial awareness to the operator which is critical when operating in high risk and dangerous conditions for example while defusing bombs. The robot is able to scan for life signs in the infrared spectrum regardless of whether the target is, or isn’t moving. MISO transmits not only stereo real-time video, but also accurate high-fidelity sound to the operator so as to provide near perfect spatial immersion.

Although the MISO robot is just a prototype it can be subjected to realistically simulated situations as following:

  • Discovering and defusing a bomb placed between various harmless packages at a given secured distance from the operator,
  • Discovering and moving the explosive package to a secure place for detonation,
  • Night patrol on a given path with movement detection capabilities
  • Reconnaissance mission in a building presumably occupied by terrorists including stairs climbing and uneven terrain,
  • Missions for tracking targets by placing GPS locators (day or night)
  • Placement of remote explosive charges on a specific closed access objectives.