Novelty and relevance of MISO results related with state of the art

INCDMTM Bucharest has a strong experience of more than 20 years in producing industrial mechatronic systems (manipulator arms), industrial robots, utilitarian robots and security robots. A strong collaboration with Group Renault had as a result a wide variety of line robots and automatization equipment already implemented in the production lines of Dacia Renault Pitesti.

The cyber-mixmechatronic system is controlled using encrypted IOT (Internet of Things) channels and 3D spatial view to ensure the total awareness of the operator for successful operations. The propulsion and steering systems include motorized wheels and adaptive dampeners, the chassis is interconnected with the active control system and the cyber-mixmechatronic system, making it easier for the robot to adapt to a wider range of situations and access areas that may put human life at risk. These characteristics make the MISO robot unique in Romania as well as at an international level.

TRL evidence and upgrade

The project starts based on the results of the previous experience of INCDMTM in the mechatronic systems domain. Basically, INCDMTM is familiarized with the issues related to mechanical design of the automatic machines and sensors. Among these results the Production line robot with 6 inter-operational checkpoints for DCV; Installation for control of band and twist of the rod assembly; Installation for checking air-air tightness of the engine sealing’s; Line robot for shock control of differential crown teeth’s; Automatic device for control of channels diameters of K Engine; Line robot control device (control deviations of form and position); SAM robot for testing carter engine tightness, line robot for control levels and diameters of machined cylinders can be mentioned.

Therefore, the project aims to surpass TRL2 and proposes a MISO design and demonstrator by achieving TRL3 level of research, meaning analytical and critical functions and/or characteristics proof-of-concept finalised. This creates the possibility to upgrade this model towards a series model by manufacturing adaptive mechatronic systems due to its innovative functionality.

Preliminary and final results of MISO project application

INCDMTM is one of the Romanian experts in motion equipment from robots to extremely accurate movement systems used in industry, CNC measurement equipment and calibration, automotive and other security and monitoring services.

The mechatronic systems MISO demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • Movement and access in dangerous locations by remote control using real-time 3D imaging, both in the visual and infrared spectrum;
  • Active control using IOT channels (Internet of Things) using semantic encryption to provide data transmission;
  • Real-time and very accurate measurement of distances between the mechatronic system and the intervention environment.
  • The mechatronic system has a chassis and propulsion system that allows it to travel in almost any condition without losing adhesion, traction, torque or power regardless of the conditions of the terrain.
  • The mechatronic system allows interaction with the environment through a robotic arm that can be controlled by the operator from a long distance.



Expertise of experienced researchers and postdoctoral researchers nominated in the project team

Respecting the principle of equal opportunities, our project team includes researchers (men and women), young and senior researchers, PhD students, all of them having a vast experience in the project domain. INCDMTM has very well-trained personnel in the project domain and teams are collaborating.

Research infrastructure available for the project

The strong infrastructure of INCDMTM will be put at the projects disposal, along with well-trained specialists having a complex experience into the mechatronics domain. New, modern equipment is prepared and ready to fulfil the proposed project. We can mention some of the most representative: