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INCDMTM Bucharest Offer On the Advanced Micro- and Nano-technology Facilities For the Industry with concrete application in SMEs involved in the field

1. Methods, technologies and means of measurement and control for checking the quality characteristics by means of procedures specific to intelligent measuring technique:

  • Dimensional control equipments and systems integrated in the production process of the type active, automatic and informatics control for industry (e.g. Auto industry, etc.)
  • Dimensional control equipments and systems outside the production process, for industry (e.g. The industry of staple products, engine industry, etc.)
  • Control technologies and intelligent mecatronic equipments for assessment;
  • equipments, mecatronic systems and intelligent installations, multiparametrically integrated and with a high degree of autoimmunization and processing of data production;

2. Concepts, methods and measuring systems destined for improving competitiveness, increasing the reliability and capability of industrial products, accomplishing new materials, tools from hard and extra hard materials, specific fabricating technologies and usage in fine mechanics and mechatronics :

  • Equipments and systems for the control of physical non electric quantities (pressures, temperatures, masses, forces, time, etc.)
  • Technologies, tools and tool holder from metallic carbide and from diamond
  • Mechatronic equipments specific to some evolved methods of investigation, testing and investigation procedures;
  • New technologies and microtechnologies for rationalizing and optimizing the industrial processes, for reducing costs, consumes and growth of work productivity;
  • Measuring and control devices in the area of industrial horology and equipments/ horology devices for order and control of industrial processes;
  • Active/ passive systems of surveillance of the normal and catastrophic usage of the tools;
  • Tribology of chipping and micro-chipping processes;

3. Research and laboratory device, biomedical technique and for environmental protection:

  • Devices for biology, morphology and seismology fields;
  • Robotic systems with remote-control for interventions in areas with a high degree of danger;
  • Medical tools;
  • Device for the control and evidence of the parameters of the environment;

4. Informatics technology and integrated in the flux conception- preparation for fabrication - control:

  • Systems of assisted computer projection;
  • Software programs destined to the technologies for measuring and control;
  • Assisted projection on computer for product families in the industry of fine mechanics and mecatronics;
  • Interface and calculation software for intelligent measuring technique;

5. Methodologies, standards, testing and certification

6. Technologic transfer and managerial advice in the area of fine mechanics and mecatronics;

7. Methods, procedures and advanced instruments for evaluating trends, prognosis and strategies for the area of fine mechanics and mecatronics:

  • field strategies;
  • EU integration strategies;
  • competitiveness strategies;
  • strategies regarding research- development innovation;