The aim of the complex project is to strengthen the scientific and technical competences and collaborative skills already existing among the partners of the consortium from different research environments within an relevant up to date theme, namely the management of waste left in public spaces such as parks, streets or sidewalks. Although the emphasis is put on educating the population for the purpose of voluntary waste sorting in containers for plastic, metal, glass, paper / cardboard, it is observed that even in the most advanced societies the necessity to raise such waste daily using a large number of sanitation workers did not disappear.

The SIRAMAND project aims to provide robotic collecting and sorting solutions for different types of waste, in line with the anticipated developments of the smart city concept. Given the complexity of the topic addressed, a consortium of three research entities with complementary expertise has been established, each coordinating a component project, having the purpose to solve a segment of it. By reuniting the obtained results, it is estimated that the needs of the issues addressed will be covered to a significant extent. More precisely, the INCD for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique will coordinate a waste collecting based on aspiration through visual recognition by the aid of an autonomous mobile robotic systems, Univ. Technique in Cluj-Napoca will focus on the issue of intelligent sorting of solid waste and Inst. for Solid Mechanics will address the alternative issue of aspiration, namely to grab solid waste through a prehensive system controlled by a specialized recognition program. Last but not least, the complex project aims at strengthening institutional capacity through a program of checks, as well as the transfer of research results to specialized production entities and end-users.

The SIRAMAND project is supported by a grant of the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, CCCDI – UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0086 / contract no. 22 PCCDI /2018, within PNCDI III.


General Objectives


The overall objective of the SIRAMAND project is to create a nationwide research consortium with expertise in the field of robotic waste collection from public spaces and sorting them as part of the pre-configured digitization and robotization for smart cities.


The SIRAMAND complex project is carried out by a consortium consisting of:

     1. Coordinating institution IC: National Institute of Research Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique – INCDMTM Bucharest

Director of Complex Project / Director of Component Project 1: Eng. Mihai Mărgăritescu, Ph.D.

     2. Partner P1: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Responsible from P1/ Director of Component Project 2: Prof. Cornel Brișan, Ph.D.

    3. Partner P2: Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy

Responsible from P2/ Director of Component Project 3: Eng. Dan Dumitriu, Ph.D.