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• Anti-error monitoring system intended for application on various hand tools, Authors: Sergiu Dumitru and Badea Cristian Radu, BI nr. 131907/30.08.2022

• Fast Axial Coupling-Disconnecting System, Authors: Gheorghe Gheorghe, Moldovanu Alexandru and Stoica Gheorghe, BI nr. 131996/30.08.2022

• Nanometric resolution linear displacement transducer, Authors: Dănuț Stanciu, Daniela Cioboată, Criatian Logofătu, Nicolae Nicușor, A/00235/ 06.05.2022

• Device for practicing the techniques of lifting and manipulating a fight opponent, Authors: Cristian Badea, A/00620/11.10.2022

• Cryoultrasound method and element, Authors: Valentina Băjenaru and Simona Istrițeanu, A/00619/11.10.2022

• Method of replacing an electronic controller and an incremental displacement transducer used in data acquisition and processing systems in certain mechatronic dimensional measurement equipment, Authors: Ancuța Paul and Constantin Anghel, A/00709/9.11.2022


• 4D mechatronic-mixmechatronic control system used in laboratory and industrial environments, authors: Gheorghe Gheorghe, Ilie  Iulian, Anghel  Constantin, B.I.132678/26.02.2021

• Mechanical hygrostat with lamellar electrical contact, authors: Codrut Darie, Florin Ontanu, B.I. 129948/29.01.2021



• Real-time monitoring and active post-self-correction device, authors: Badea Cristian Radu, EP20465535.1/12.06.2020

• Installation for measuring revolution surfaces with rotary probes, authori: Stanciu Danut Iulian, Cioboata Doina Daniela, Abalaru Aurel, Logofatu Cristian, Soare Vasile Adrian, A/00023/21.01.2020

• Cobotic cyber-mixmecatronic system with serial-parallel structure, for ultra-precise measurement and smart control in laboratory and digitalized industrial environments 4.0, authors: Gheorghe Gheorghe, Anghel Constantin, Ilie Iulian, Alex. Constantinescu, A/00610/28.09.2020

• Femur component, with lattice cellular structures, made by selective laser sintering of biocompatible metal powders, authors: Popa Nicoleta, Milodin Nichita, Tutoveanu Mihai, Artimon Flavia, A/00725/11.11.2020

• Method for generating anthropomorphic redundant mechanisms with hybrid topology with multiarticular kinematic chains, authors: Mihai Brisan, Mihai Margaritescu, Dan Dumitriu, A/00779/12.2020



• Gripper-based flexible mechatronic micropositioning equipment, authors: Munteanu Iulian - Sorin, Gheorghe Gheorghe, Zapciu Aurel, Istrițeanu Simona-Elena, Ancuța Paul, B.I.130681 / 30.04.2019

• Device for the correct realization and support, by a human user, of the posture and displacement necessary for the calibration of inertial motion analysis systems, author: Badea Cristian Radu, A/00107/ 19.02.2019

• Gasostatic positioning system, author: Vasile Iulian A/00369/18.06.2019

• Omnidirectional wheel with extensible segmented elements, author: Victor-Marin Zafiu, A/00760/18.11.2019



• Device for measuring open circular profiles, authors: Aurel Ionel Abalaru, Daniela Doina Cioboata, Danut Iulian Stanciu, Cristian, Constantin Logofatu, Florin Traistaru, B.I. 128235/30.01.2018      

• Double hexapod robotic system with extensive operating space, author: Margaritescu Mihai, A/0112/21.02.2018

• Translation unit, authors: Vasile Iulian, Badea Cristian Radu, A/00372/25.05.2018

• Balancing system for autonomous robots for intervention in rough terrain, including space missions, authors: Popan Gheorghe, Artimon Flavia, A/00830/25.10.2018

• Assembled elements for housings or containers, authors: Margaritescu Mihai, Brisan Cornel Mircea, Dumitru Dan, A/00969/27.11.2018



• DGrabbing device, author: Vasile  Iulian, B.I. 129155 /30.08.2017

• Adaptive anatomical implant for the treatment of proximal congenital radio-ulnar synostosis, authors: Burnei Gheorghe, Comsa Stanca, Pacioga Adrian, B.I. 129520/29.09.2017

• Dispozitiv Tipodont pentru simularea tratamentelor stomatologice si ortodontice, autori: Stanca Comsa, Adrian Pacioga, Maria Stefan, Dan Nastase Ciobota, Ion Mihail, Stanciu Matei Stefan, B.I. 129503/29.09.2017

• Anatomical-adaptive femoral stem, authors: Stanca Comsa, Adrian Pacioga, Maria Stefan, Dan Nastase Ciobota, Florica Moldoveanu B.I. 128084/29.11.2017

• Monitoring Module for the the outer diameters employed during the grinding process, authors: Aurel Abalaru, Danut Iulian Stanciu, Daniela Doina Cioboata, Cristian Logofatu,Florin Traistaru, B.I. 128424/29.11.2017

• Procedura  pentru   monitorizarea  masinilor  rotative   utilizand  separarea  “oarba”   a  surselor  de   vibratie  si  segmentarea   entropiei  Renyi, autori: Cioboata Doina Daniela, Popescu Theodor, Dan Manolescu, Mariane Veronica, Stanciu  Danut   Iulian A/00416/23.06.2017

• System for detecting changes in vibrational processes using advanced model-based analysis techniques, authors: Dorel Aiordăchioaie, Theodor Dan Popescu, Mariane Veoronica Manolescu, Cioboata, Abălaru Aurel, Nicu Roman, A/00400/20.06.2017

• Device for the development of neuro-muscular control / dynamic and static balance, of the strength and endurance of the lower limbs and of the mobility of the coxo-femoral joints, of the athletes, author: Badea Cristian Radu, A/00889/31.10.2017



• Sistem de pozitionare robotic multi hexapodal, authors: Margaritescu Mihai, Brisan Cornel, Panaitopol Horia, B.I. 125589/ 29.01.2016

• Mechatronic equipment for checking perpendicularity, authors: Popan Gh., Sorea Sorin, Cretu Cornel, B.I. 125734/ 30.09.2016

• Portable electronic equipment and method for assessing energy consumption during human walking, authors: Capriş Georgeta, Miu Silvia Nicoleta, Constantin Anghel, Olaru Mircea, Constantin Steluţa, B.I. 125076/29.11.2016

• Axial quick-coupling system, authors: Gheorghe Gheorghe, Moldovanu Alexandru, Stoica Gheorghe, A/00607/02.09.2016         

• System for measuring the driving moment, authors: Vasile Iulian, Ancuta Paul – Nicolae, A/00767/31.10.2016

• Axial coupling-decoupling system and angular orientation, authors: Gheorghe Gheorghe, Moldovanu Alexandru, Stoica Gheorghe, A/00835/16.11.2016



• Mechatronic equipment for calibrating nanotechnology products, authors: Popan Gh.,Lung Ioan, Boga Ioan, Serban Gh., Budu Gica B.I.127553/29.05.2015

• Method for measuring the deviation from symmetry of two transverse holes made in a bushing-like part, authors: Hacman Maihai, Ionita Gheorghe, B.I. 128909/30.10.2015

• Multiple head for measuring gear teeth, authors: Hacman Maihai, Ionita Gheorghe, B.I. 128951/30.10.2015

• Underwater ultrasonic receiver with common body sealing module, authors: Moldovanu Alexandru; Margaritescu Mihai, Lung Ioan; Vlad Vaduva, B.I. 130278/30.12.2015

• Tightness system, authors: Vasile Iulian, Badea Cristian Radu, A/0775/29.10.2015

• Anti-error monitoring system for manual tools on production lines, authors: Sergiu Dumitru, Badea Cristian, A/00919/27.11.2015

• Micromechatronic equipment for calibration of pneumoelectronic transducers, authors: Zapciu Aurel, Munteanu Iulian Sorin, Anghel Constantin, A/01029/22.12.2015



• Robotic process for processing aluminum housings, authors: Vocurek Marian, Beca Paul, Marinescu Cristina, Munteanu Iulian, B.I. 123588/28.03.2014

• Method of profiling the surface of cemented stents to ensure in vivo durability, authors: Bucur Doina, Popescu Mihai, Comsa Stanca, Pacioga Adrian, A/00460/18.06.2014



• High precision intelligent mechatronic system for measuring linear micro-displacements, authors: Georghe Gh., Beca Paul, Olaru M., Mocanu Neculai, Ancuţa Paul, Ilie Iulian, Munteanu Iulian, B.I. 125124 / 28.02.2013

• Ultrasonic measurement system of sediment deposits in reservoirs, authors: Mihai Margaritescu, Alexandru Moldovanu, Vlad Vaduva, Cristian Draghescu, Florin Isvoranu, B.I. 128113 / 31.07.2013

• Interface circuit for resistive sensors, authors: Anghel Constantin, Dumitru Sergiu, B.I. 125345 / 29.11.2013



  Rainwater collector for individual irrigation of greenhouse plants, authors: Onţanu Florin, Tănase Adrian, Darie Codruţ, B.I. 123469 / 30.08.2012



• Electric machine for applying protective coils on pre - assembled electrical wires and cables, author: Badea Cristian, B.I.123237 / 30.03.2011

• Two rectangular directions travel system, author: Vasile Iulian, B.I. 125517 / 29.04.2011

• Device for optical measurement and recording of deformations of construction materials for roads, authors: Romanescu Constantin, Dicu Mihai, Stanciu Danut, Stefan Vasile, B.I. 123320 / 29.07.2011

• Optoelectronic device-based pressure switch, authors: Munteanu Petre, Badea Diana Mura, Vlad Dumitru, Munteanu Iulian, B.I. 123375 / 30.11.2011 



• Installation and procedure for checking the technical characteristics of transient pressure transducers, authors: Bajenaru Valentina, Badea Diana Mura, Vlad Dumitru, Olaru Mircea, B.I.123128 / 30.11.2010

• Installation for checking the behavior during destructive overpressures, authors: Vlad Dumitru, Eugen Condurateanu, Valentina Bajenaru, B.I. 122934 / 30.04.2010

• PLaser beam processing process for welding diamond segments, authors: • Georghe Gh., Beca Paul, Marinescu Cristina, Zapciu Aurel, Munteanu Iulian, B.I. 122903 / 30.04.2010

• Mechatronic system for measuring angular displacements, authors: Georghe Gh., Beca Paul, Mocanu Neculai, Ancuţa Paul, Olaru Mircea, Ilie Iulian, B.I. 122847 / 30.03.2010

• Smart Mechatronic Micro-System for High Precision Dimensional Measurements - DIGITIL, Authors: Gheorghe I. Gheroghe, Beca Paul, Mocanu Neculai, Ancuta Paul, Olaru Mircea, Ilie Iulian, Brevet Nr. 122874/30.03.2010



• Gas thermometer with optoelectronic contacts, authors: Pascu Constantin, Badea Diana, Cristea Mircea, B.I. 121353 / 30.03.2009

• Method and equipment for checking the indications of altimeters and speedometers on board aircraft and testing the tightness of the pneumatic systems associated with these indications, authors: Guta Tudor, Badea Diana, Vlad Dumitru, Munteanu Petre, Lupu Dan, B.I. 122465 / 30.06.2009

• Thermosensitive-type train, authors: Pascu Constantin, Vlad Dumitru, Badea Diana Mura, B.I. 122698/30.11.2009

• Micromanometer, authors: Munteanu Petre, Badea Diana Mura, Vlad Dumitru, Munteanu Iulian Sorin, B.I. 122745 / 30.12.2009

• Parts control system with complete and automatic operator protection, authors: Hacman Mihai, Ionita Gh., Florin Andrei, Badea Sorin, B.I. 122744 / 30.12.2009 

• Elastic trolley with overload protection, authors: Hacman Mihai, Ionita Gh., Florin Andrei, Nineaca Dan, Bostaca Daniela, B.I. 122719 / 30.12.2009

• Device for mounting safety-type elastic elements in bores, authors: Hacman Mihai, Ionita Gh., Stoica Eugen, Arabagian Isabelle, B.I. 122718 / 30.12.2009



• Electronic equipment and method for the assessment and recovery of human balance, authors: Capriş Georgeta, Tacutu Ileana, Olaru Mircea, B.I. 122009 / 28.11.2008



• Active laser control equipment for thin wires, al sârmelor subţiri, author: Popan Gheorghe, B.I. 121614 / 28.12.2007