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Activity field
Representative projects CMI has (hardware and software) information materials and modern means necessary to carry out activities specific to the consulting field.
CMI features a rich technical-scientific potential, wide knowledge in the technical-economic field, valuable knowledge and experience in the field of organization and management, necessary for the design and implementation of a reliable and functional integrated system, adapted to the specifics, culture for quality, objectives and processes in the organization / laboratory / which he advises, this leading to the increase of the client's satisfaction, to the efficiency of the activity of the organization / laboratory / and to the increase of the profit.
For consulting and assistance services, CMI has specialized staff, with higher education, trained in quality / environmental management, as well as with over 20 years of experience in research, testing, metrology, production, services, in designing and implementing system documentation. integrated management (for organizations, testing laboratories), with expertise as both internal and external auditors.
In conclusion, CMI ensures the total success of organizations: