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INCDMTM's marketing strategy refers to the development of specific activities and the use of a range of dedicated tools to facilitate the fulfillment of the objectives formulated by the board of directors and the executive management in the strategic documents of the organization.

The marketing strategy envisages the accommodation of the assumed objectives with the material, financial, and human resources that can be mobilized by the Institute, taking into account also the impact elements of the external environment that exert a major influence. These refer primarily to the technological challenges that emerge at a relatively fast pace at the international level in the fields of interest to the Institute.

The main purpose of the marketing activities is to materialize in partnerships with various organizations, including private companies, with the view to facilitate the implementation of innovations and results of the work of INCDMTM research teams. Also, the increase of the Institute's notoriety in its areas of expertise - at both national and international level, through the participation of researchers in specialized conferences and the publication of specific papers - is another important objective of INCDMTM, and which is pursued especially through the Compartment of «Strategy & Marketing ».

INCDMTM's promotion policy is achieved by adapting and combining the use of the main tools used to promote the organizations's image - advertising, public relations, direct marketing, dedicated events, participation in fairs and exhibitions - in order to increase the Institute's audience and notoriety in its areas of niche expertise, as well as to facilitate the conclusion of representative partnerships:

· Communication - through its own regularly updated website - via which site visitors can become familiar with the areas of expertise of INCDMTM, its main existing partnerships, as well as with the areas of interest for the Institute, its major current achievements and projects and even its specialized papers - published by researchers who belong to the organization - in the fields of interest of the Institute.

· The organization of dedicated specialized events is an important vector in order to achieve long-term strategic objectives, representing a real pivot for the marketing activity of the Institute. Thus, INCDMTM organizes an annual technical-scientific conference - The International Conference on Reliable Systems Engineering - ICoRSE - as of 2021) , an event that, in addition to its well-defined scientific objectives, offers an essential opportunity to promote the Institute in existing partners, but above all it creates opportunities for the initiation of new partnerships.

· Promotion of important specialized works of the Institute's own researchers through Cefin Publishing House , that issues publications with an important role in boosting the visibility of INCDMTM in the scientific niche areas where the focus of the research activity of the Institute lies.

· The management of media appearances and press relations is carried out mainly through press releases aimed at either popularizing achievements within the Institute or organizing specialized conferences / seminars, from this perspective press conferences being a tool to is employed only in relation with major events;

· The use of the newsletters to reach a target audience periodically (quarterly or half-yearly) as a tool via which the main informative novelty elements that promote the activities and major achievements of the institute are circulated;

· The use of both electronic (brochures, catalogs) and physical promotional materials (roll-ups, banners)

In summary, the activities carried out within the Marketing Compartment can be grouped into four categories, including those focusing on covering administrative needs of the Institute:

1. Elaboration of specific Strategies and Reports:

a. Development Strategies

b. Drafting the development strategy of the Institute

c. Drafting the annual activity report of the Institute

2. Promotional activities:

a. Promotional activities oriented on increasing the visibility and notoriety of the institute, including the organization and logistical management of conferences, workshops, fairs and exhibitions

b. Organizing the annual conference named the "International Conference on Reliable Systrems Engineering -IcorSE"

3. Editing Publications via "CEFIN Publishing House"

a. Editing and publishing "International Journal of Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics"

b. Editing and publishing technical books

c. Editing and publishing scientific bulletins

4. Initiation and development of specific Partnerships and Projects

a. Continuous development and optimal management of databases with potential partners in the country and abroad

b. Support for engaging in competitions and subsequently implementing European projects

c. Specialized translations


Octavia Căruntu

Head of Strategy, Marketing

Email: octavia.caruntu@incdmtm.ro

Andreea Stanciu

PR Manager

Email: andreea.stanciu@incdmtm.ro